Community Guidelines

Last updated: May 4, 2017

These are a set of rules you must follow when playing Depending on the severity, violations of these rules may result in a permanent ban.


No gore

Do not share or post graphic images for sadistic pleasure, glorification, or celebration of violence. is targeted at many age ranges and people who may not want to see that.

No NSFW content

We're looking to expand into new markets, and we want a welcoming, respectful and safe community. We value everybody's art equally, and that won't change. However, NSFW art is now prohibited. We are targeted at many age ranges, and people who play may not want to see NSFW content. This extends to links, QR codes, or any other references to content outside of as well. In addition to this, we have schools and other education groups interested in this project.

No offensive symbols or depictions

This includes any symbols relating to terrorism, racism, sexism, the promotion of self-harm or suicide, or ones intended to offend others. Examples of this include swastikas and the confederate flag.

No targeted harassment

Please respect every player. Do not threaten to harm another person or someone related to another person in any capacity, and do not make art depicting others in a negative or harassing manner.

No offensive words, phrases, or sentences

This includes excessive slurs, racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, and malicious text. In essence, don't create anything that discriminates or harasses a person or group.

Do not use bots

The aim of is a social game where everyone can hang out and create cool art. We have anti-botting measures in place, so do not try and circumvent them.

Do not make alternate accounts

We limit all players to a single account to ensure fairness for everyone accross the board. If we see you using more than one account, we will take the appropriate actions to stop this and further sign ups.

Do not make accounts solely to grief

We welcome griefing to make space for new art and reinforce what made Place great in the first place. However, if you are not going to contribute anything other than trashing art, then you're not welcome here.

No other Place clones

As previously discussed, due to attacks on our website by other Place clones, the discussion of them is strictly prohibited.

Do not spam

Don't spam the chat with useless text or multiple messages that could have been sent in one. This may result in a ban.

Reporting rule violations

If you notice any violations of these rules, please follow the steps below to let us know, whilst we work on a report button.

  • Join our Discord server.
  • Select #report-abuse in the list of channels.
  • List the user(s) breaking the rules, along with that they have done and proof (screenshots, coordinates, etc.).